Stela3Y3 Art Photoworks @ Taman Bunga Taman  Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII)


– Camelia Qrei,  Winny Valensia Franoka,  Silvia Arnie, Maria Aya, Luciana Zaluska, Elis Chin, Stefvanie Martha, Steka Kirana Sutedja


– Hilda Winaz, Padmaloka Brides


– Wati Salon, Padmaloka Brides, Djavu Costume, Qrei Collection



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2 Replies to “Beauty Culture Of Indonesia Part 2”

  1. this is very useful, i am making a documentary about the good and bad things that the dutch left indonesia.. mostly cultures and traditions.. i am very relieved to find this website, i have been looking for 1 hour and this is like a dream come true, HALELUJAH!

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